Click on the image to see program description and course requirements for the program. Take PHO-101 Intro Photo and DMA-110 Digital Imaging together in your first semester.  These two courses allow you to move into all of the other PHO and DMA courses.  PHO-101 can be taken while you are taking foundation ENG courses and it is possible in some situations to get into DMA-110 while taking foundation ENG courses with the approval of Professor Dalton. (Certificate Majors should take PHO-103 and DMA-110 to get started.)


Fall Only Courses: PHO-202

Spring Only Courses: PHO-203, PHO-251


Contact Professor Dalton for all academic advisement. (




Steps for Success:


  • Be on time – Lectures begin promptly and some of the most important information is covered in the first 20 minutes of class
  • Have a working Mercer Email – Your progress is regularly sent to your MCCC email account
  • Changes to assignments and other announcements are also emailed to your MCCC account
  • Read the posted homework assignments before shooting the assignment – Don’t shoot from memory
  • Give yourself time to shoot it wrong so you can shoot it again before the deadline
  • Turn in assignments on time and fully completed
  • Make sure you are present for any exam reviews and that you take good notes
  • Weigh the needs of your current job against your need to have a better job someday



You will need an SLR film camera for PHO-101 & PHO-102.  I recommend borrowing one if you can or purchasing a used camera from NY Camera of Princeton,,  B&H Photo in NYC, Adorama Camera in NYC, or Allen’s Camera in PA. Always make sure there is a return policy when buying used equipment. Also be sure to get a matching lens.  An inexpensive 50mm lens is all you need. Good Models to look at:  Any Canon model that starts with A or F (A1, F1, AE-1, etc.) – Any Nikon F model camera.


The photo program has DSLR loaners for all of the other classes, but I do recommend purchasing a DSLR for yourself if you can afford one.  PHO-103 Intro Digital only requires a point and shoot bridge camera that has fully manual controls (manual exposure and focus.)


Film Supplies:

The black and white film classes require the purchase of a supply kit. The kit is available at New York Camera of Princeton and for about $130.00 and it is available at the school bookstore for about $200.00.


Wait until your first day of classes before purchasing supplies.



All of the film & digital photo and digital media courses use free online tutorials and downloadable documents. The photo history class uses a traditional textbook.  Everything is explained on the first day of class, so there is no need to purchase before then.


Academic Calendar and Graduation Deadlines and Forms