PHO 251 Documentary Photography




Most Adobe Tutorials will be here:





Show your final cut

Final cut must be Uploaded to YouTube and shared with Class

Prof Dalton can upload your docs to MCCC Photo YouTube Account


Week 14

Show rough cuts of final docs


Week 13

Editing - Editing - Editing

Be sure to complete your group collaboration grading.


Week 12

Premiere Pro Review for those who need it

Editing - Editing - Editing - FINISH SHOOTING DOC


Week 11

Premiere Pro Review for those who need it

Present your mock "Trailers"

Editing - Editing - Editing


Week 10 Shoot docs


Week 9 Shoot docs




Weeks 7 & 8 Shoot docs

Start shooting your doc.

I will be in the classroom or on location with some of you

We are now in the shooting phase of the Doc Photo Projects


Week 6

Finalize Proposals/Groups

Read & Review:

Keywords: Dana Shutz Emmett Till

Compare to Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad



Week 5

Write and Review Project Proposals in Class

More Premiere Pro

Event Shooting - Model Releases

Model Release Guidelines

Model Release -Long Version

Model Release -Short Friendlier Version




Week 4

Continue Premiere Pro Lecture and Editing Techniques

Music - Audio

Review Exporting

Discuss Ruin Porn - Exploitation - Commission




Week 3

Shoot a Practice Interview for real this time


Interview Strategies




Homework for next week:


Watch: (download materials if you need some sample pieces)




Week 2

The DSLR as a Video Camera - Bring in your Video capable cameras if you own one.


Frame Rate Vs. Shutter Speed:


Rolling Shutter:


Avoid Rolling Shutter:


Short Doc 101:




We will practice in class using your own footage.  Bring your cameras to shoot a couple of clips.  Bring Headphones as well.


Week 1

Lecture: Introduction and review of syllabus; Discussion and presentation of documentary work.

Homework: Get your camera




Watch Prom (DVD)


A Beginning - Middle - End





You will have to attend open computer lab hours to complete your assignments. Open lab times will be posted.


Bring cameras to every class.


You must have a Mercer Email Account setup for class correspondence.


Syllabus (subject to change)




Required Shooting: You must participate in the class documentary shooting during class time and on your own.




Where to Buy


External USB hard drive – Make Sure they are formatted for EXFAT if you also use for a PC.


You are not required to buy a digital camera to complete this course. There will be some digital cameras available for you to borrow from this department and you can scan film.  But you do need a means of shooting if there are no cameras available for loan.


Assignments will be evaluated according to the Grade Report Key for that Assignment

Semester Grade Breakdown:

25% – Assignments

25% – Midterm Presentation

50% – Final Presentation