Supplies for Darkroom


  • Ilford - Multigrade IV RC Deluxe GLOSSY MGD.1M Black & White Variable Contrast Paper  100 sheets
  • Ilford - HP5 Plus Black and White Negative Film (35mm Roll Film, 36 Exposures)
  • Print File - 35mm Archival Storage Pages for Negatives, (25 Pack) - 35mm, 7-Strips of 5-Frames
  • Savage ProCore Mat and Mount Board - Black Antique/White - 11 x 14" (4-Ply, 10 Sheets) or White/White


Cameras to consider for purchasing


35mm SLR Film Camera

Any Canon that starts with an "A..." or a film EOS Rebel

Any Nikon that starts with an "F..."

Pentax K1000

Olympus OM...

Minolta X700 or SRT


Also make sure you get a lens that can shoot at 50mm.  A 50mm lens would be perfect, but if it comes with a zoom, make sure it is a short zoom, something like an 18mm-55mm or a 28mm-70mm.


Purchase At


NEW YORK CAMERA OF PRINCETON has agreed to sell both the photo supplies and good used cameras to our students. They provide excellent customer service. You can not purchase online, but they are very close in Princeton.


If you really want to purchase the darkroom kit online, visit BH PHOTO PHO101 KIT  The total comes to about $130.00-$140.00 including shipping (depends on current paper/film prices.)

ONLY BUY ONE BOX OF PAPER, either the Ilford, Oriental or the Kentmere.  Only buy one.


You can also purchase the same kit from the bookstore (using financial aid) for about $160.00