This is a feature that allows students to add themselves to a wait list for a full class.  If a seat becomes available the student first on the list will be notified through their portal account that they have 24 hours to register for the section. If the student does not register for the seat within the 24 hour period the student will lose the seat and it will be offered to the next student on the list.


In order for this system to work properly no staff or faculty will be allowed to override students into full sections. We will no longer be processing paper overrides for full sections from instructors. The ability to override students into full sections will be unavailable for all faculty and staff.

The filling of all open seats will now be done exclusively through this new functionality.  Students will not get into open seats after a drop for non-payment.  Students on the waitlist will get any seats that empty.



It is recommended that all students complete an application for financial aid to determine eligibility for financial assistance.


The application is FREE and available for completion for the next academic year. Visit www.fafsa.edu.gov to complete your application.  Students who are interested in MCCC Foundation scholarships are expected to complete an application as well.