Assignment: Color and Black and White





Shoot at least 36 photos of subject matter that you believe will appear significantly different in black and white.  This isn’t just about turning bright colors into black and whites.  It is about creating photographs that will change in character because of the differences between black/white and color. Be ready to discuss why you thought the photos were more successful as black and white photos.


NO FLOWERS! There will be time to work on the conversions and the pdf in class.Choose 10 of the photos and duplicate them (right-click-Create Virtual Copy or CMD ‘ ). Then use the HSL/Grayscale panel to convert them.  You will then load them as a PDF and show them.



Things to consider:

- Was color a distraction

- Did losing the color change the relationship between objects in the photo

- Did the emotional content (mood/atmosphere) of the photo change

- Were there forms in the photo that became more or less important when the color was removed


Submit:  10 photos in black and white viewed in Acrobat for next class.