Shoot 36 Photos of Classic Portraits in class together. We will walk over to the studio together. BRING CAMERAS


Take a careful meter reading (make sure light source is not in the viewfinder) and photograph your subject sitting or standing quietly (not smiling).  They can be looking at the camera or looking away.  Consider your frame carefully, do you want to crop out or include their hands or the top of their head?  Don’t shoot below 1/30 of a second unless you have a tripod or can set your camera on a tall stable chair or table.



Shoot 36 Photos of Environmental Portraits


For these photos do an environmental portrait.  People at their place of business or in a place that reveals their hobbies and interests.  These are still portraits and they must follow the rules stated above (except for the lighting), so they must be still and not smiling and they must not be performing a task.  The point of this portrait is to show evidence of what they do or like to do by the objects and surroundings included in the portrait.



Minimum to be submitted:

2 CONTACT SHEETS (1 each as described above)

8 Photos (can be same person or people) 4 Formal and 4 Environmental.