At least two rolls of film must be shot for this.


Use faster shutter speeds (250 or greater) to freeze motion

Use slower shutter speeds (30 or less) to show blur



Hand in:


4 prints

 - 2 prints to show an interesting use of motion blur

 - 2 prints to show an interesting use of frozen motion






  • Don’t forget to make equivalent exposure adjustments
  • The frozen subject matter should look like it was actually moving.  It’s okay if there is a little blur
  • No cars, motorcycles or buses.  Trains are okay.  Think about water and other naturally moving things
  • If people are jumping or on swings, make sure you don’t shoot them at the bottom or top of their motion, because at that point they are not actually moving



  • Faster shutter speeds for freezing motion.
  • Slower shutter speeds for showing motion.